What To Expect Before Weight Loss Surgery

Dayton Bariatric Center has developed a plan of care before surgery so that you are in the best shape possible for weight loss success.

Here are the steps you can expect:

  • All patients are required to attend a FREE informational session.  This is to assure that patients are aware of the risks and benefits associated with the procedures our doctors perform.  One of our surgeons is available at these information sessions to answer questions you may have.
  • After attendance at the information session, you will be set-up to meet with the surgeon one-on-one to discuss your personal & family history.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your surgeon.  He will discuss your personal and family history and recommendations will be made at that time as to which procedure will best suit your personal medical situation.
  • We will assist you to find out what your insurance carrier requires to be approved for surgery.  We will notify you of these requirements so that you can be prepared to submit your information to your insurance carrier.  Discounted self-pay rates are available as needed.  No payment plans are currently available. 
    Psychiatric Evaluations are required for all patients.  We will put you in contact with a psychologist to receive an evaluation to assure you are prepared for the changes before and after weight loss surgery
  • We will need to obtain your medical records from your family doctor to review and submit to your insurance carrier to obtain approval.
  • We also will need to receive a clearance from your primary care doctor to assure that you are medically stable to have surgical weight loss.
  • A visit with a nutritional counselor prior to surgery will need to be obtained.  This will help to prepare you for the dietary changes you will encounter after surgery.  Ongoing counseling will be available throughout your post-operative period.
  • Some insurance carriers require a supervised weight loss program be completed before approval can be obtained.  We will notify you when this is required by your insurance.
  • Monthly support groups are available before and after surgery.  Studies have shown that patients that attend support groups have better outcomes after surgical weight loss than patients that choose not to attend support group.

After receiving all required information your information is submitted to your insurance carrier for review.  This can take 30 business days to hear back from them for approval or denial. 

When approval is received we begin the process of scheduling you for Pre-admission testing and any required education online or attendance at a class at the hospital. 
A hospital requirement exists stating that you meet with your surgeon with 30 days of surgery.  If your 1st visit with the surgeon is within 30 days of surgery, you will not be required to come in for a 2nd visit.  If a 2nd visit is required with the surgeon this is done to verify that no changes in your medical health have occurred since your 1st visit.

Pre-admission testing at the hospital will be any lab work or tests needed along with any required education to prepare you for surgery.  You will be instructed on how to prepare for the day of surgery, what to expect, any any other information required by the hospital.

If you have any questions regarding support groups or topics please contact our office at 937-439-4145. 

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