Dr. Augusta

Dr. Augusta

Dr. Augusta specializes in Advanced Laparoscopic Bariatric and General Surgery. Originally from the West coast, Dr. Augusta has made the Dayton Area his home after completing medical school in University of Pikeville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Southeastern Kentucky and internship and General Surgery Residency at Grandview Hospital. As chief resident at Grandview he trained under accomplished bariatric surgeons, Dr. David Bruce and Dr. Stephen Fleischer as well as focusing his training on advanced minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Augusta is committed to continued education with creation of a skills lab for the medical students and residents.

“I have always been intrigued by the world of surgery and was enthused with Bariatric surgery early in my residency. I find the cases to be some of the most challenging yet most rewarding in the surgical scope." Bariatrics gives patients a second chance at life and truly improves their quality of life.

Countless patients have shared their success stories with me stating how bariatric surgery has given them the ability to take their kids or grandkids to the park again, reduced or completely alleviated daily prescription requirements, or relieved them of burdening doctors' visits and hospital stays. You can see the determination in the eyes of the patients when they have the chance to once again be uninhibited by the constraints of obesity. These success stories are why I love the field of Bariatrics, in my opinion it is the only elective surgery which carries such an impact on the overall health and life of the patients and their families.

Surgery is a very rewarding field but It is very humbling to have such an impact on our patients and their families lives.“

James Augusta D.O.

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