Dr. Fleischer

Dr. Fleischer

Dr. Stephen R. Fleischer is the newest addition to Dayton Bariatric and General Surgery.   He grew up in Massillon, Ohio and currently resides in Fairborn, Ohio with his wife and daughter.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University in 2002.  After receiving his degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 2006 from Ohio University, he completed his Surgical Internship and Residency at Grandview Hospital. 

Dr. Fleischer is certified with both the Lap Band and Ethicon Realize adjustable gastric band.  He has also recently completed a mini-fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC.

 “When I began my training  as a General Surgeon I was somewhat skeptical about weight loss surgery.  It seemed like an excessive step to take to improve the way a person looks.  Training with Dr. Bruce and Dr. Clarey, I began to see the incredible impact that weight loss surgery can have on not just a person’s appearance but more importantly their overall physical health and life. 

One of my most memorable moments was a gentleman in his 30’s with his whole life ahead of him, who was so overweight that he could not walk.  He was brought into our clinic in the wheelchair he was living his whole life in.  He required 24 hour care suffering from multiple medical problems and was on multiple medications.  He electively underwent a successful Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass and went on to lose over 200 lbs.  I then saw him in the clinic 1 and a half years after surgery.  He walked into the clinic and stated that his surgery had completely changed his life.  He now had the ability to walk and was working out.  He was making arrangements to leave the 24 hour nursing facility that he resided in for good.  Surgery is a very rewarding field, but to truly make this much of impact on someone’s life is an incredible feeling.“

Stephen R. Fleischer D.O.

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